WC601A Wire and Tubing Cutter

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The WC601A is the ultimate automatic wire and flexible tubing cutter. The unit easily and accurately cuts wire, tubings, sleevings, etc. to the programmed length and number of pieces. Ten variable feed rates allow the operator the flexibility to choose the correct rate for a given material to optimize production rate, repeatability and accuracy of the cut length. The WC601A utilizes an adjustable self-centering dual driven belt feed, coupled with an air-actuated cut-off blade. Programming of the unit is simple. A batching feature allows all variables for frequently run jobs to be pre-programmed. Up to 99 batches may be programmed. A kitting feature allows for multiple pieces of different lengths to be cut within a batch. Up to 10 kits can be programmed.

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Model: WC601A
Part Number: AR7121


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