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Do you have cable, tubing or wire material that needs to be cut, stripped, twisted or uniquely processed and tested?

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Take Advantage of the Industry-Leading Eraser Certification Program

This program will test and validate your cable, tubing or wire material specific to your business and is designed to provide you with industry-leading equipment to solve your specific production and processing needs.

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How ECP Works

  1. Provide our team with 10-15 feet of your material and we will process the material on the appropriate Eraser machines to determine the best product fit for your application.
  2. Our team will create a formal evaluation report certifying the Eraser product for your specific application.
  3. Our team will send back your processed material along with the evaluation report and proposal for the best Eraser solution.

If you would like, we can send you photos of the results for a faster turnaround. We can also respond with a video of your material being processed.

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