WC302 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter

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Eraser’s Model WC302 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter is an automatic wire and flexible tubing cutter that easily and accurately cuts wire, tubing, sleevings and more to the programmed length and number of pieces. Nine variable feed rates allow the operator the flexibility to choose the correct rate for a given material to optimize production rate, repeatability and accuracy of cut length. Programming of the WC302 is simple. A batching feature allows all variables for frequently run jobs to be pre-programmed. Up to 99 batches may be programmed.

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Model: WC302
Part Number: AR7211


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  1. Wakulla Coil

    We have been using this machine for years and it has been a life saver! What use to take days to cut, takes about an hour with this machine. Very easy to program and operate. The Eraser Company has the best customer support team ever and they are super eager to help. Any issues I’ve had over the years, I call them and it’s handled. Great company, great equipment!

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