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The D series wheel strippers cover many applications for stripping magnet, enamel and film insulated wires. Round, rectangular and square section wires with insulation such as Formvar, ML, Dayglass, Isonel, Polythermaleze and many more can be stripped. Fybrglass or wire brush wheels may be utilized with the D Series machines to strip wires. Fybrglass wheels rotate at high speed and generate frictional heat that softens the insulation on the wire and the “nap” of the wheel wipes it away. A clean polished surface is produced with no risk of nicking. Wire brushes remove insulation by the cutting action of their many bristles. These are more abrasive than Fybrglass wheels and are recommended for larger wires where a roughened surface aids subsequent soldering. Wire brush wheels will also remove glass and fabric insulation. The selection of the correct grade of stripping wheel is critical.

Series Information

The D Series Wire Strippers from the Eraser company cover many applications for stripping magnet, enamel, and film-insulated wire. These machines use high speed rotating stripping wheels to remove the insulation from round, rectangular, and square wires. The D1 twin wheel stripper is the standard bench unit in the series and features a length stop to ensure consistent strip lengths.

The DV1 is identical to the D1, but also features an integral dust collection system to contain insulation residue as it is removed from the wires.

Model D9 has an offset head to allow for unlimited strip lengths and can also be used for window stripping.

The PD9 is a portable air operated unit, which uses stripping wheels on only one side. This lightweight unit can be easily moved around work pieces, such as transformers, stator motors, and armatures. It can also achieve unlimited strip lengths.

The D series can use either fiberglass or wire brush stripping wheels. Fiberglass wheels leave a clean polished surface with no risk of nicking. Wire wheels are more abrasive and are recommended for larger wires and can also remove glass and fabric installation. Also available are nylon wheels, which are used for braid combing.

The selection of the correct grade of stripping wheel is critical. Use the Eraser certification program to send in sample material and let our technical experts determine the correct wheels for your application.

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Stripper TypeTwin wheel stripper with length stop
Wire SizesMaximum: 4 AWG (5.2mmø) or square wire up to 1/4” x 1/4” (6.35mm x 6.35mm) for rectangular wire the maximum wheel opening is 1/4”(6.35mm) and the maximum material width is 1” (25.4mm) Minimum: 35AWG (0.14mmø)
Strip Length with Mini Stop3/8"-1 3/4" (9.5-44.4mm)
Strip Length with Regular Stop5/8"-2 1/2" (15.9-63.5mm)
Power120V 60Hz

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D1, DV1, and D9 Wire Strippers & Braid Combers

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