Wire Stripping Wheel .005 Fine

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The .005 Fine Wire Stripping Wheel is sold singularly and 2 are required for use in the D-Series. All of our Wire Stripping Wheels are manufactured to ensure the highest standards of quality and delivery. We have stripping wheels to fit all competitive machines as well as for all Eraser Models. There are many factors that determine the proper grade of wheel for a specific wire stripping application. These include wire size, type of insulation, strip length, and number of wires stripped at one time. For this reason, we suggest you give us a call, to determine the proper grade for your application.

Item Details

Part Number: AC1223

Use this part in place of the following:

  • AC1218 – Wire Stripping Wheel .003 Extra Fine
  • AC1221 – Wire Stripping Wheel .004 Very Fine
  • AC1227 – Wire Stripping Wheel .006 General Purpose Fine
  • AC4003 – 1-1/4 Q 016 N .335 AH
  • AC5006 – 1 1/4OD- E -0.006- 0.335 AH


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