M700TW Modular Series Tube and Wire Cutter Unit

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The M700TW (Tube and Wire) Cutter Module uses a guillotine style cutter head to cut copper wire gauges up to 10 AWG stranded or 12 AWG solid and cut tubing up to 3/8” (9.5mm) OD.

The M700TW Module easily and accurately cuts wire, tubing and sleeving to the programmed length and number of pieces when used with the optional M700F Feeder module. Ten variable feed rates allow the operator the flexibility to choose the correct rate for a given material to optimize production rate, repeatability and accuracy of the cut length. The M700TW utilizes a guillotine style cutter head. This unit can also be used in a manual cutting configuration.

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Model: M700TW
Part Number: AR3500


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