M700HW Modular Series Hard Wire Cutter Unit

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The M700 Hard Wire Module (M700HW) utilizes a pneumatic-powered, dual-blade, semi-rotary style cutter which can cut various sizes of hard alloy wire, including Nitinol. The M700HW can be connected directly to the Control Module (M700C) or to a Control/Feeder setup (M700C + M700F) for automated material processing/cutting.

Some of the materials that the M700HW can be utilized for are Nitinol wire or Niti wire, fine carbon steel wire, Titanium wire, and Stainless Steel wire or cable. It can also be used for Piano wire, Surgical drive wire, Fine hard wire, and Stainless Steel micro wire or cable. The M700HW makes easy work of cutting hard material.

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Model: M700HW
Part Number: AR3800


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