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HC10 Hand Operated Wire and Cable Cutter


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The HC10 is an ideal unit to quickly shear wire and cable of up to 1.00" (25.4mmø) in diameter depending on material construction. The HC10 is hand operated, and wire and cables are cut by use of a lever. Incorporates a guillotine style blade to provide clean, square cutting of a variety of different wire and cable sizes and configurations.

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Models HC10, FC10, and HCA20 Wire and Cable Cutters from The Eraser Company can quickly cut many types and sizes of wire and cable. The HC10 is hand operated by the use of a lever, while the FC10 utilizes a foot pedal to cut material. Both models can cut material up to one-inch outer diameter, depending on material construction. An optional conversion kit is available to change an HC10 to an FC10.

Model HCA20 is air operated and utilizes dual electrical finger switches to activate the blade. This unit can cut wire or cable up to one and one-quarter inches in diameter. All three models incorporate a guillotine style blade to provide a clean cut on a variety of wire and cable.

These cutters pair well with Eraser's WM Series Measuring Meters, which can measure material to a desired length before cutting. The portable CCB100 is a handheld battery-operated cable cutter. With a squeeze of the trigger, this tool will easily cut through cables as large as 1000 kcmil soft drawn copper or aluminum or 750 kcmil hard drawn copper. The cutting unit, battery, and battery charger are packaged in a plastic carrying case.

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Maximum blade opening1.00" diameter (25.4 mmø)
Minimum material size.010" diameter (.254 mmø)
Size3" x 8-1/4" x 18-1/2" (76mm x 210mm x 470mm)
Weight8-3/4 lbs (4 kg)

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HC10, FC10, and HCA20 Cutters

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