RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper

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The Eraser RT2S is a fine, magnet wire stripper. It cleanly removes all kinds of film insulation from wires or components quickly. Instead of using chemicalsheat, or blades to strip wires, the RT2S uses specially designed, cone-shaped fiberglass wheels that spin at a high RPM. This spinning generates a small amount of frictional heat that softens the wire’s insulation. Once softened, the nap of the wheels easily removes the insulation. This process will also clean and polish the wire or component being stripped.

Features of the RT2S Wire Stripper

  • Removes film-type insulation such as Formvar, ML, enamel, Polyimide, Isonel and more.
  • A built-in, easy-to-adjust length stop helps the operator to keep the lengths of stripping consistent.
  • An easy-access port to aid with environmental dust removal.

Wire Stripping Applications

In addition to enamel wire and other film-type coatings, the RT2S can clean and polish electronic component leads, removing oxidation and other contaminants from items as small as 0.0012 in. (0.03 mmø) diameter.


If you’re looking for a quality, low-maintenance wire stripping machine that is easy to operate, the RT2S from Eraser is a great option. It will quickly strip wires and speed up your wire stripping and processing operations.

Send us a sample of your material and we will process it with the RT2S to show you how well it performs! This is a NO COST service we provide to guarantee your satisfaction with our world-class equipment.

Item Details

Model: RT2S
Part Number: AR0221


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  1. Robert B.

    RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper has increased our productivity and eliminated wire breakage when stripping fine magnet wire. Easily a five star rating. Set-up of the machine was simple and the adjustment for the various wire sizes is quick and easy.

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