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RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper

RT2S Cone Wheels:
Wheel Gage Grade Type
AE0279 28 – 30 201 Coarse
AE0280 30 – 36 553 General
AE0281 35 – 48 640 Fine
magnet wire stripper diagram Tips and Facts:
  • The RT2S uses the Fybrglass® wheels in counter rotation to cause friction which heats up the insulation while the nap fibers brush the insulation away.
  • Coarse grades are used for the larger sized wire and finer grades are used for smaller sized wire.
  • The finer grade wheels are a denser Fybrglass® construction.
  • The finer grade wheels are also better for the heat resistant and tougher insulations which require more heat.
  • Eraser brand cone wheels will fit on similar competitor machines.
  • The conical shape of the wheels allows you to strip closer to the work piece.
  • Wheels are sold as a pair but they are made individually so they need to be dressed when new.
  • Wheels should be dressed whenever performance deteriorates.  Regular dressing will increase wheel life and production.
  • Dressing the wheels will also help prevent smaller size wire from breaking while stripping
  • For the R Series the FybRglass® Wheels are sold in pairs, but the wire wheels are sold individually.
  • Wheels may be used to within 1/8″ (3.2mm) of their arbor hole.
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