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HC10, FC10 & HCA20 Cable Cutters

Material does not cut
Check that blades are sharp.
Check that material is properly seated in curved blade.
Check that material is not too heavy for the unit to cut (excessive force needed).
On HCA20, increase air pressure, but not exceed 100psi.
Cutter does not operate
Check that jam nuts are securely tightened on footpedal linkage (on FC10).
Check that footpedal linkage is properly adjusted (on FC10).
Check that operating lever can move freely and is not obstructed in any way.
Check that all moving parts are lubricated and moving freely.
Check that air supply is properly connected (HCA20).
Be sure power is connected and on/off switch is on (HCA20).
Be sure both buttons are pushed simultaneously (HCA20).
Check fuse (HCA20).
Guard does not slide freely (HC10 and FC10)
Check that slots in guard are clear of debris and free of burrs.
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Technical Documentation: HC10, FC10 and HCA20 Wire and Cable Cutters

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