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FybRGlass Wheel Chart

Machine Wheel Grade Style
R1S AE0278 640 5/8 in OD
RT2S AE0279 201 Coarse
AE0280 553 General Purpose
AE0281 640 Fine
PD9 AE0006 553 General Purpose
D- Series (D1 | DV1 | D9) AE0254 201 Coarse
AE0255 553 General Purpose
AE0256 640 Fine
AE0274 553 Wobble
Custom AE0058 553 1-1/4 in OD
  • FybRglass® Wheels are typically stamped with the grade on the end of the wheel
  • All FybRglass® Wheels are sold in pairs
  • FybRglass® Wheels should be dressed regularly for the best results and to prolong their life. Most can be used until the wall thickness is less than 1/8″ except conical wheels which can be used until they start using their length on the cone end.
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