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C200 & C300 Wire Strippers and Twisters

Wire or cable does not strip cleanly
Readjust blades and be sure blade locking screw is tight.
Check that proper wire guide size is being used. Refer to ordering information for instructions on selecting wire guides.
Check for worn blades and replace if necessary.
Check that blade springs are not broken or separated from blades.
Unit does not function, switch does not light
Check power supply.
Check fuse and replace if blown.
Switch lights up and motor runs, but the heads do not turn
Check that the motor pulley is tightened securely on the motor shaft and is aligned with the rear groove in the first head.
Check for broken belts and replace.
Strands of stranded wire do not twist
Check that unit is set for proper rotation (C200 only)
C200 Product Page
C300 Product Page
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Technical Documentation: C100S, C200 and C300 Wire Strippers

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