A Close Up Look at Eraser’s WT Series Wire Twisters

The WT Series from The Eraser Company consists of a wide range of bench top wire twisters. These durable twisters are made for high production and can achieve a repeatable number of twists per inch on two or more wires up to 20 feet in length.

The WT200 Wire Twister is ideal for twisting bundles of wire up to the equivalent of two 16 gauge insulated wires. The WT200 is supplied with three sizes of wire entry guides and flexible tubes for internal wire clamping. The tubing ensures that there is no metal contact on the stripped conductors or insulation, thereby reducing marking or deformation.

The WT300 Wire Twister is used for twisting bundles of wire up to the equivalent of two 16 gauge uninsulated wires. The WT300 is supplied with one wire entry guide and a set of steel clamp jaws which enable it to firmly grip magnet wire, very fine, and slippery wires.

The WT40 Wire Twister can twist together plain or terminated wire in bundles up to the equivalent of three 14 gauge insulated wires. The WT40 requires an external custom clamping device made to specifications individual to the customer’s application.

The WT Series uses a variable speed control that can be adjusted to perform up to 26 turns per second and features a reversible motor which enable them to twist or untwist in either direction.

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