WT200 Wire Twister

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The WT200 Automatic bench wire twister can twist two or more wires up to 20 feet in length.  This durable twister is made for high production to achieve a repeatable number of twists per inch on a bundle of wire up to the equivalent of two 16awg insulated wires.  The WT200 has a reversible motor which enables it to twist or untwist in either direction with a variable speed control that can be adjusted to perform from 0 to 26 turns per second. The WT200 is supplied with three sizes (1/8“, 3/16”, 1/4”) of wire entry guides and flexible tubes for wire clamping. The tubing ensures that no metal contacts either stripped conductors or insulation, thereby reducing marking or deformation.

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Model: WT200
Part Number: AR0200


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