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Eraser’s Model CS800 Wire Cut & Strip is a fully programmable, fully electric bench top wire cutter and stripper. The unit can process wire from 10AWG – 30AWG and can quickly and precisely cut and partial strip 6,150 pieces per hour at 2.5” lengths (6.35 cmø), and 5,700 pieces per hour at 4’’ lengths (10.2 cmø). With programmable batching and ten variable feed rates, the CS800 is the perfect production tool for complete automation.

E.C.P. (Eraser Certification Program)
We recommend using E.C.P. to determine which Eraser machine is best for your specific application. Click here to download a printable E.C.P. form. For more information about E.C.P. from Eraser, click here.

Model Number: CS800
Part Number: AR7201
Maximum cut length65 530 inches {99 999cm}
Maximum material size30awg to 10awg {0.25mm to 2.58mm} - wire dependent
Max Feed RateUp to 60" per second - wire dependent
ToleranceUp to 1% - wire dependent
Max Strip LengthUp to 4.0 inches {10.2cm} - wire dependent

Operating/Safety Manual: CS800 Cutter & Stripper

Required Parts:

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