Replacement Parts

Wire Guide: 0.064″-0.057″

Wire Guide: 0.064″-0.057″ Part Number: IR2306    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.072″-0.065″

Wire Guide: 0.072″-0.065″ Part Number: IR2307    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.083″-0.073″

Wire Guide: 0.083″-0.073″ Part Number: IR2308    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.095″-0.084″

Wire Guide: 0.095″-0.084″ Part Number: IR2309    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.105″-0.096″

Wire Guide: 0.105″-0.096″ Part Number: IR2310    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.119″-0.106″

Wire Guide: 0.119″-0.106″ Part Number: IR2311    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.130″-0.120″

Wire Guide: 0.130″-0.120″ Part Number: IR2312    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.143″-0.131″

Wire Guide: 0.143″-0.131″ Part Number: IR2313    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.155″-0.144″

Wire Guide: 0.155″-0.144″ Part Number: IR2314    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.167″-0.156″

Wire Guide: 0.167″-0.156″ Part Number: IR2315    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.185″-0.168″

Wire Guide: 0.185″-0.168″ Part Number: IR2316    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.199″-0.186″

Wire Guide: 0.199″-0.186″ Part Number: IR2317    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide, 0.215″-0.200″

Wire Guide, 0.215″-0.200″ Part Number: IR2318    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.228″-0.216″

Wire Guide: 0.228″-0.216″ Part Number: IR2319    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.240″-0.229″

Wire Guide: 0.240″-0.229″ Part Number: IR2320    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.251″-0.241″

Wire Guide: 0.251″-0.241″ Part Number: IR2321    

Wire Guide

Wire Guide: 0.260″-0.252″

Wire Guide: 0.260″-0.252″ Part Number: IR2322    

Wire Guide

Standard 50° Replacement Blade

Standard 50° Replacement Blade Part Number: IR4655    

Standard 50° blade with pivot pin.

Optional Blade for C100S

Optional Blade for C100S Part Number: IR4660    

Blade for applications where insulation wall thickness is very thin, almost a film of insulation

Un-Notched Elements

Un-Notched Elements Part Number: IR5023    

Set of replacement un-notched elements. General purpose heavy duty “flat style” elements un-notched for wires sizes 25AWG to 43AWG (0.46-0.056mmø). Width of elements 0.500 (12.7mm)

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