Replacement Parts

Steel Idler Roller

Steel Idler Roller Part Number: IR1659    

Replacement steel idler roller for use on Model WC302 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter.

Optional steel idler roller for use on Models WC300 and WC301 Automatic Wire & Tubing Cutter(s).

Custom Bushing Set 1/8″-3/8″

Custom Bushing Set 1/8″-3/8″ Part Number: IR0763    

Set of custom bushings 1/8″ – 3/8″ (3.175mmø – 9.525mmø) for WC600A and WC601A. Send material for sizing.

Custom Bushing Set 1/32″-1/16″

Custom Bushing Set 1/32″-1/16″ Part Number: IR0765    

Set of custom bushings 1/32″ – 1/16″ (0.793mmø-3.175mmø)for WC600A and WC601A. Send material for sizing.

Internal Collet

Internal Collet Part Number: PR3878    

Replacement internal collet for use on L1(AR2041, AR2042), L2S(AR2051, AR2052), PL3(AR2061, AR2062), L4(AR0180) and Chuck Assembly IR0104, IR1823.

Collet Nut

Collet Nut Part Number: TR0630    

Replacement collet nut for use on L1 (AR2041, AR2042), L2S (AR2051, AR2052), PL3 (AR2061, AR2062), L4 (AR0180), IR0104 and IR1823.

Stop Rod

Stop Rod Part Number: IR7821    

Replacment length stop rod for use on RT2S (AR0221, AR0222)

Length Stop

Length Stop Part Number: IR1507    

Table Assembly Rubber Clamp

Table Assembly Rubber Clamp Part Number: IR5252    

Replacement table assembly for use on LSR10 (AR0260)

Adjusting Tool

Adjusting Tool Part Number: PR3663    

Adjusting tool for use on AR401. AR4902 (C200), AR9501, AR9502 (C300), AR0131, AR0132, AR0121, AR0122, AR0141, AR0142, AR0151, AR0152 (HTS Series).

Hex Key Wrench

Hex Key Wrench Part Number: TG3790    

Replacement hex key wrench for use with AR0121, AR0122, AR0131, AR0132, AR0141, AR0142, AR0151, AR0152 (HTS Series)

Sealed Beam

Sealed Beam Part Number: CK0012    

These lamps provide all the advantages of conventional T3 quartz infrared lamps and more without the problems. The cold zones at each end of the lamp provide for easy mounting using simple clips or springs. The elimination of the need for bulky modules permits use in confined areas. The internal polished stainless steel reflector never needs cleaning and is protected from dirt and dust. The reflector will not oxidize as it is enveloped in inert gas. All electrical connections are made at one end of the lamp, reducing installation and maintenance costs. Access to the heating chamber is not necessary to service the lamps. Two quartz envelopes are utilized, providing excellent thermal, mechanical, and impact shock resistance. These are the ideal maintenance-free lamps for multiple heating applications. They may be used in many confined areas not suited to conventional T3 lamps.

Nitrile Coated Feed Belt

Nitrile Coated Feed Belt Part Number: PR1068    

One standard nitrile coated feed belt. Optional for use with Models WC601A, WC601B, AR7121, AR7122, AR7131 and AR7132. Two required per machine.

Hand Driver

Hand Driver Part Number: IR4870    

Replacement hand piece for use on DCF Series Magnet Wire Strippers {non-drilled}.

L38CB Bullet Nose Insert

L38CB Bullet Nose Insert Part Number: IR9049    

Bullet Nose insert for use in confined areas. Insert Selection: Most inserts are available in two grades of material- Heavy Duty and Tungsten Carbide tipped. Under normal use in a cost basis, the most expensive grade will give the best cost versus insert life (i.e. carbide is better than heavy duty). Concave face permits easy wire entry. Flat face permits better stripping flush to coil body. Bullet nose permits stripping in confined areas.

DCF4 Head with Blades DCFA & DCFB

DCF4 Head with Blades DCFA & DCFB Part Number: IR4431    

Head with blades used on the DCF4A and DCF4B.

Standard Bushing Set .203

Standard Bushing Set .203 Part Number: IR1799    

Set of Standard Bushings.203 ID for use on the CS800.

Optional Interface Cable

Optional Interface Cable Part Number: PR1212    

Optional interface cable for use with the CS800 Automatic Cutter & Stripper. Provides communication from the CS800 to the Prefeeder.

Adjusting Rod

Adjusting Rod Part Number: TR8956    

Replacement adjusting rod for use on Model RT2S (AR0221, AR0222).

Replacement Blade Set of 3

Replacement Blade Set of 3 Part Number: RI6713    

Set of 3 replacement blades for use with the RI2054, RI2059, RI3042, RI3043, RI3044, RI3045, RI4042, RI4043, RI4044 and RI4045 cutter heads.


Clamp Part Number: PG0015    

Replacement Clamp for dust bag used on DV1 Twin Wheel Stripper.

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