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Wire Wheel Chart

Machine Wire Wheels Fill Size Wide Face Sections
R1S AC0752 0.004 X
AC0751 0.008 X
D – Series AC1218 0.003 X
AC1221 0.004 X
AC1223 0.005 X
AC1227 0.006 X
AC1230 0.008 X
AC1252 0.0118 X
AC5008 0.008 X
AC5011 0.0118 X
PD9 AC1226 0.006 X
AC1229 0.008 X
AC1232 0.0118 X
E200 AC2042 0.008 X
AC2070 0.0118 X
AC2071 0.014 X
AC2006 0.006 X
AC2010 0.0118 X
AC2011 0.014 X
Encapsulated NR0023 0.0118 X
  • Wire Wheels can be identified by measuring the fill (bristle) size. That, along with the OD of the wheel, will determine which wheel is needed.
  • Wire wheels should last for thousands of strips if the tips of the bristles are being used. Too much pressure on the wheels or using the side of the bristles will loosen them so they will prematurely fall out or break.
  • Wire wheels are sold individually.
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