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HTS1C Thermal Hand Wire Stripper

Unit does not operate
Insure that the temperature control unit is plugged into the appropriate power source.
Insure that the power switch on the temperature control unit is switched to the ON position.
Insure that sufficient power is applied to the stripping elements by slowly turning the temperature knob clockwise from the ‘0’ position (see the Stripping wire section).
If unit is still not functioning, switch the power to the OFF position and unplug the temperature control unit from the power source.
Check the fuse in the rear of the temperature control unit and replace the fuse if it is blown. If fuse blows a second time, contact the factory.
Unequal heating of stripping elements
Turn the temperature control unit to the OFF position and unplug the unit from the power source.
Allow appropriate time to ensure that stripping elements are cool.
Remove elements and clean oxides from contact points (see the Maintenance and Element Removal/Installation sections).
If elements continue to heat unequally after cleaning, a new set may be required (see the Element Removal/Installation section).
Poor stripping results
Be sure you are stripping at the lowest possible temperature for the insulation type.
Adjust temperature and/or element depth until desired results are achieved (refer to the model specific Operation section, the Stripping Wire and/or the Setting the Strip Depth sections).
If stripping results are still poor after steps 1 & 2, follow steps 1-4 above (under Unequal heating of stripping elements).
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