Stripping Magnet Wire Using the Eraser Model RT2S

Eraser’s RT2S Fine Magnet Wire Stripper is made for stripping enamel, Formvar, polyurethane, polyimide, and many other types of film insulation’s from copper magnet wire from 28-48awg.

The easy to operate stripper uses cone shaped Fybrglass wheels in a counter rotating motion to create friction heat, which breaks down the insulation while the nap fibers brush the insulation away. The stress free process is easy to master by just putting the wire between the counter rotating wheels with a slight in and out motion, which effortlessly removes the insulation. The conical wheels allow you to get closer to the work piece, rather it be bobbin, toroid, or coil, with accuracy and a clean strip.  It also has multiple wire stripping capabilities. The RT2S features an adjustable strip length stop that helps the operator achieve a repeatable strip length every time.

The cone wheels come in three different grades; the 201 grade, which is the most coarse grade, made for stripping gauges from 28-30awg, the 553 grade, which is considered general purpose, for stripping 30-36awg wire, and the 640, the fine grade, for stripping 35-48awg wire.  For stubborn grades that may require more heat, the finer grade typically works better.

A properly dressed set of wheels will render thousands of strips and can be used until the wheels become too short or within an 1/8” of the shaft.

The RT2S comes in three styles for use with different power sources, 120V for United States customers, 220V for international use, and there is also an RT2A that is completely air operated when preferred or when needed in the EU where RoHS compliance can be an issue.

The RT2S has a small foot print so it does not take up a lot of room on the work bench and light weight making it easy to move around the shop.  A video and more information about the RT2S can be found at

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