A Close Up Look at Eraser’s DCF Series

The DCF Series from The Eraser Company includes a wide range of wire strippers and twisters.

Models DCF1, DCF2/3 and DCF4 use centrifugal force to cleanly remove the insulation from round magnet and enamel wire. Combined, these units can strip wire from 35-9 gauge. These models are also available in a drilled through versions for infinite strip lengths (DCF1, DCF2/3 and DCF4).

The DCFR can strip square, rectangular, and flat magnet and enamel wire using a rotating carbide rasp head.

The DCFT uses a twisting head with three fingers to neatly twist together the ends of pre-stripped stranded wires.

The DCFH produces twisted pairs by twisting a looped wire on a hook.

The power unit allows for variable speed control, and a switch supports usage in both 115 and 220V.

An optional Bench Kit enables all models to be used as bench machines.

For more information about Eraser’s wide range of wire processing equipment, contact your sales rep today.

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