Discover the RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper


Watch Your Wire Stripping
Challenges Disappear

Ready for a simpler, smarter way to strip film-type insulation from fine wires?

Eraser’s RT2S Magnet Wire Stripper has you covered. It works using frictional heat generated by specially designed, cone-shaped fiberglass wheels, eliminating the need for chemicals or blades and resulting in a solution that is easy to operate, low maintenance and effective across a variety of industries.

When it comes to removing various types of film-type insulation like Formvar, ML, enamel, Polyimide, Isonel, and more, our solution offers unparalleled convenience and efficiency. With our built-in easy-to-adjust length stop, you can ensure consistent stripping lengths every time, streamlining your workflow and enhancing productivity. Additionally, our design includes an easy-access port, simplifying cleanup of environmental dust and debris, thus maintaining a cleaner work environment.

Go Beyond Traditional Applications
Along with removing film and stripping enamel wire, the RT2S can also clean and polish electronic component leads, removing oxidation and other contaminants from items as small as 0.0012 in. (0.03 mmø) diameter.

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Improve Your Processes

The RT2S speeds up wire stripping and processing operations while delivering consistent and repeatable results for a wide variety of industries.

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