Replacement Blade Set of 3

1250.jpg Part Number: RI6713    

Set of 3 replacement blades for use with the RI2054, RI2059, RI3042, RI3043, RI3044, RI3045, RI4042, RI4043, RI4044 and RI4045 cutter heads.Item Details Part Number: RI6713

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Battery Charger (Europe except UK)

540.jpg Part Number: RP2036    

Battery Charger, Europe (except UK)Item Details Part Number: RP2036

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Battery Charger

540.jpg Part Number: RP5710    

Battery Charger 110VItem Details Part Number: RP5710

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Replacement Blade

1037.jpg Part Number: RP6711    

Replacement Cutting Blade for use on AR7401; AR7402; AR7403; AR7601; AR7602; AR7603Item Details Part Number: RP6711

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Hex Key Wrench

1163.JPG Part Number: TG3790    

Replacement hex key wrench for use with AR0121, AR0122, AR0131, AR0132, AR0141, AR0142, AR0151, AR0152 (HTS Series)Item Details Part Number: TG3790

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Length Stop Rod

1304.jpg Part Number: TR0176    

Length Stop Rod for use with the HC10, FC10, FTC1 and LFTC1. Increase the length stop 12″.Item Details Part Number: TR0176

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Wheel Guard

1039.jpg Part Number: TR0331    

Replacement Wheel Guard for use on RT2S. Requires 2 per machine.Item Details Part Number: TR0331

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Wire Entry Guide: 1/8"

TR0566-e1438710697899.jpg Part Number: TR0566    

Wire Entry GuideItem Details Part Number: TR0566

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Machined Guard for Model LS10

1559.jpg Part Number: TR0605    

Machined Guard for Model LS10 Cable Stripper {AR0240}.Item Details Part Number: TR0605

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Collet for L2S PL3S and L4

1390.jpg Part Number: TR0629    

Replacement collet for use on Models L2S, PL3S and L4 wire strippers.Item Details Part Number: TR0629

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Collet Nut

1165.JPG Part Number: TR0630    

Replacement collet nut for use on L1 (AR2041, AR2042), L2S (AR2051, AR2052), PL3 (AR2061, AR2062), L4 (AR0180), IR0104 and IR1823.Item Details Part Number: TR0630

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Alignment Tool

1662.jpg Part Number: TR0705    

Replacement Blade Alignment Tool for use on C200 and C300.Item Details Part Number: TR0705

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Guide 1/4"

1371.jpg Part Number: TR0781    

Replacement guide 1/4″ for use on the APF100 Prefeeder (AR6201 & AR6202). Two required per machine.Item Details Part Number: TR0781

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Guide 3/8"

1376.jpg Part Number: TR0782    

Replacement guide 3/8″ for use on the APF100 Prefeeder (AR6201 & AR6202). Two required per machine.Item Details Part Number: TR0782

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Neutralizer for Dip Strip

841.jpg Part Number: TR1409    

Replacement one pound bag of Dip Strip Neutralizer for use with PR1403 Dip Strip Neutralizer Kit.Item Details Part Number: TR1409

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Lower Cutting Blade

829.jpg Part Number: TR1413    

Optional lower cutting blade for MMC200 made from high speed tool steel for longer life. For use on fiberglass or small mild steel materials.Item Details Part Number: TR1413

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