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MMC71 Multi-Material Cutter

  • Does the MMC71 require air to operate?
    • The MMC71 is fully electric so there is no need for an air supply.
  • What is the tool life on MMC71 Blades?
    • Tool life in general is hard to determine because there are so many factors involved such as proper set up, amount of use (production level), skill of operator (proper use), type of material being cut or removed, environment, etc.
    • The steel blades are very sharp and should last for thousands of cuts if used on materials similar to tubing and copper wire.
  Tips and Facts:
  • The MMC71 works best for flat material such as heat shrink tubing and tape-like products, but can also be used for round tubing and wire.
  • Extra material Guide Kits can be purchased so that multiple pieces of the same material can be run at the same time to increase productivity.
  • The MMC71 can cut material up to 3.3” wide, and because of the wide blade, smaller materials can be run on different locations of the blade to extend tool life.
  • The MMC71 has a 12” x 13 ½” foot print so it takes up very little room on a work bench.

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