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LS Series Cable Strippers (LS10, LSR10, LSA20 & LSAR20)

  • How do I know which replacement die blades I need?
    • There is a stamp with the actual die hole size on the face of the blade which will help determine which blade is needed.
  • What is the tool life on die blades?
    • Tool life in general is hard to determine because there are so many factors involved such as proper set up, amount of use (production level), skill of operator (proper use), type of material being cut or removed, environment, etc.
    • LS series Die blades will last for thousands of strips as long as they are the proper size for the material.
  • What is the purpose of rubber clamps versus metal clamps?
    • Rubber clamps should be used for slippery materials and to eliminate clamp marks that metal clamps may leave.
Tips and Facts:
  • Longer strip lengths are achievable with multiple pulls.
  • Parallel blades work well on ribbon cable or where there are two or more wires being stripped at the same time.
  • Works well on coated steel cable.
  • Can remove the outer layer on flame resistant or double layer tubing.
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