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L Series Wire Strippers (L2S, L2AS, L4, PL3S)


How do I know which replacement stripping insert I need?
To select the proper insert for your application(s), use the Insert Wizard. When new, inserts are marked with an identification number. This number may be part number (starts with IR) or the model number (IE: L30CC).

How close to the work piece can I get?
Approx. 1/32”, material and work piece dependent.

What is the tool life on inserts?
Tool life in general is hard to determine because there are so many factors involved such as proper set up, amount of use (production level), skill of operator (proper use), type of material being cut or removed, environment, etc.

Heavy Duty inserts should last for thousands of strips with proper set up. Carbide inserts will last significantly longer than Heavy Duty for the same material and set up. Stripping inserts can be used in both directions of rotation. Models L2S, L2AS, and PL3S (discontinued) all feature reversible motors.

Tips and Facts:

  • The L Series provide a clean strip edge.
  • The L2s, L2AS, and PL3S (discontinued) have a reversible motor which can double insert life.
  • The L4 requires 90 P.S.I.
  • The L-Series is ideal for stripping toroids and coils.
  • The L-Series can remove oxidation and clean vacuum tube pins.
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