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How do I know if my Glo-Ring® Elements are intermittent or continuous?
There is an ink stamp on the white porcelain part by the bottom of the Glo-Ring® Element. The numbers will vary depending on size and voltage but continuous element numbers end in a T and intermittent element numbers end in an H.

What is the lifespan of Glo-Ring® Elements?
Glo-Ring® Elements are like a light bulb. They can last years before they burn out, however dropping, banging, and bumping the elements significantly decrease the element life. Intermittent elements should not be left on for longer than a two (2) minute duration or it will shorten their life.

Is there a relationship between the number on the dial on the single element (and discontinued triple element) Glo-Ring® to the actual temperature in the center of the element?
No, the Element wattage has a 5% tolerance. This will vary the temperature from set to set.

What is the difference between the LH115 and the (now discontinued) LH100?
The LH115 comes with a variable heat control to adjust the temperature.

Tips and Facts:

  • Most elements are available in intermittent and continuously rated duty cycles.
  • Intermittent elements heat up quicker and get hotter than continuous elements.
  • Continuous elements MUST be used if unit is to remain continuously on for more than two (2) minutes.
  • Intermittent elements should not be left on continuously for more than two (2) minutes.
  • Continuous elements MUST be used on the Single Element and (now discontinued Triple Element) Bench Glo-Ring® units because the elements stay on regardless of whether they are open or closed.
  • The Glo-Ring® Elements emit a medium infrared wavelength.
  • No Radio Frequency interference is generated with the Glo-Rings®.
  • The Single Element Bench Glo-Ring® comes with a foot pedal.
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