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G10S Wire Twister

Wire will not twist
Check that the correct twist length spacers are being utilized and that the wire guide is properly adjusted.
Check that the twisting inserts are correctly positioned in the head assembly.
Check that the correct type twisting inserts are being used.
Wire will not enter twisting head
Make sure that the wire guide and twist length spacers are drilled correctly to accommodate the wire to be twisted.
Wire kinks, knots, or buckles
Check that the correct number of twist length spacers are being utilized.
Check that the wire guide is correctly adjusted for the twist length being used.
Check the clearance holes in the twist length spacers. Oversize clearance holes in twist length spacers will tend to increase the possibility of kinking, knotting, etc.
Check the entrance hole in wire guide is not permitting the insulated portion of the wire to be pushed into the head of the machine.
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