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DSP Chemical Strippers

Pot does not heat (Model DSP1)
Check fuse and replace if necessary (Part #PG0625 for 115V, PG0690 for 220V units.)
Check controller setting, increase temperature.
Check that pot is plugged in to proper electrical
Pot does not heat (Model DSP2 & DSP3)
Check the set point temperature and reset if necessary.
Check fuses at back of controller unit and replace if necessary. When viewed from the rear, the left fuse is a 3/8 AMP fuse for the controller (part #PG0026) and the right fuse is a 5 AMP fuse for 115V DSP2 & DSP3 units (part # PG0625) and 2.5 AMP for 220V – DSP2 units (part # PG0690). If pot still does not function properly, contact factory for further assistance.


To clean the Dip Strip out of the pot, first turn the pot off. Be sure the Dip Strip removal tool is clean and dry. Insert the removal tool into the Dip Strip, allowing the flat of the tool to rest on the top of the pot. Allow the Dip Strip to cool and resolidify around the removal tool. Once solid, turn the pot on to the highest setting if using the DSP1, or set the controller to 730°F (388°C) if using the DSP2 or DSP3. Check pot after approximately 20 minutes, and thereafter at five minute intervals. When the solid block of Dip Strip has just begun to melt around the edges of the pot, grasp the Dip Strip removal tool and gently twist and pull up on it to loosen the block of solid Dip Strip from the inside of the pot. If the block does not pull out easily, wait a few minutes and try again.

Once loose, remove the entire block of Dip Strip from the pot and place it on a rack to cool for 30 minutes. (Turn off pot until ready for next use). Then immerse the block in 1 gallon of water in a plastic or glass container with Eraser’s Dip Strip Neutralizer. This process usually takes about 45 minutes to 1-1/4 hours depending on the size of the cube. Once dissolved, remove the Dip Strip removal tool from the solution using tongs or pliers. Clean the tool under running water and dry. Once the cube is finished dissolving, the solution needs to be neutralized to a ph of 7-9, and disposed of according to local regulations. See MSDS for Dip Strip Neutralizer for further details on disposal.

Turn off pot until ready for next use, or reduce heat to under 400°F (204°C), and pour in Dip Strip. If needed, once old Dip Strip has been removed and the pot is cool, the pot may be further cleaned by rinsing it out under running water. DO NOT immerse the pot in water. DO NOT allow the controller to become wet. Allow pot to dry thoroughly before using again.

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