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CW10 & CW20 Coilers

Unit will not collapse
Check that unit is not already collapsed. This will be indicated by the front arm on the CW20 being lower and a smaller diameter than the rear arm. On the CW10 this is indicated by the front arm pivot point being tight against the locking collar or nose collar.
On the CW20, check that the latch mechanism has not been damaged. On the CW10, ensure that the locking screw has been loosened and that the tube does not contain debris, causing the winder assembly not to slide forward on the shaft.
Winder will not spin freely
Check that the clutch tension collar is not compressing the spring. Loosen if necessary.
Check that the winder assembly is turning freely on the main shaft of the unit. If not, remove the winder assembly from the shaft and apply a lubricant, lightly, to the shaft.
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