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Coaxial Cable Strippers

  • What is Coaxial Cable?
    • Coaxial or Coax cable is made in layers usually consisting of an outer jacket, a braided shield, a dielectric, and an inner conductor. Coax cables are usually stripped in 1, 2 or 3 levels, although some cables have 4 or more layers, usually with an extra braid or shield.
  • What is Semi-Rigid Coaxial Cable?
    • Semi Rigid Coax cable has a metallic outer jacket (usually copper or aluminum), a dielectric, and an inner conductor and are stripped in 1 or 2 levels.
  • What is the minimum strip length achievable between levels?
    • The minimum distance between blades on a cutter head for standard coax is .050” (1.27mm) and the minimum distance between blades on a cutter head for semi rigid coax is .070” (1.78mm). If a shorter distance between blades is needed, two cutter heads may be required to accomplish the short strip lengths, however this is material dependent.
  • What is the tool life on cutter head blades?
    • Tool life in general is hard to determine because there are many factors involved such as proper set up, amount of use (volume), skill of operator (proper use), type of material being cut or removed, environment, etc.
    • It is critical that cables inserted into the cutter head are straight as much as possible (especially for heavier/larger cables).
    • To increase blade life with harder and/or thicker cable jackets, apply a small amount of lubricant, such as silicone or white Teflon grease to the cable end before inserting it into the cutter head.
    • Cutter head blades could last for thousands of strips with proper set up and maintenance depending on the material.
  • Are cutter head blades adjustable?
    • The distance between blades is fixed. The only strip dimension that is adjustable is the length of the conductor.
Tips and Facts:
  • Coaxial Cable Strippers will score the respective levels, then the insulation slugs must be removed manually.
  • These machines are very material dependent so sample material is required.
  • If a strip length is beyond the maximum dimensions of a cutter head it is sometimes possible to use the C300 as an alternate machine.
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