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HTS1C Thermal Wire Stripper


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Lightweight hand held thermal wire strippers for stripping solid and stranded wires. The HTS Series is especially effective on insulation such as P.T.F.E. and Teflon. The temperature at the stripping elements is variable up to 1100°F (594°C). The HTS1C has a cradle switch. When the tool is placed in the cradle, heat to the elements is disconnected. The hand piece is only 7-1/8" (181mm) long. A fiberglass brush is provided with each unit to clean the elements periodically.


Wire Size5/16" to 43 AWG (7.9-0.056mmø). See descriptions for individual element styles.
Strip Lengthup to 1.50" (38.1mm) with stop
ElementIR5023 Un-notched elements
Power120V 50/60Hz
Handpiece Size7-1/8" 1" x 1" (181mm x 25.4mm x 25.4mm)
Handpiece Weight4oz. (113g)

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HTS1 Thermal Wire Strippers

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