Replacement Parts

Spacer 1/8 in

729.jpg Part Number: TR8225    
1/8″ (3.18mm) thick

Length Stop Rod

966.jpg Part Number: TR8329    
Replacement Length Stop Rod for use on L2 and L1 Series Machines. .

Length Stop Rod

1490.jpg Part Number: TR8393    

Guard for Model C300

1602.jpg Part Number: TR8618    
Safety Guard for Model C300 (AR9501, AR9502) Triple Head Wire Stripper, – (3 required).

Guard for Model C200

1555.jpg Part Number: TR8670    
Safety Guard for Model C200 (AR4901, AR4902) Wire Stripper.

Spindle Nut Right Hand

1057.jpg Part Number: TR8841    
Replacement Spindle Nut Right Hand for use on ST1 and R1S.

Adjusting Rod

1331.jpg Part Number: TR8956    
Replacement adjusting rod for use on Model RT2S (AR0221, AR0222).
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