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WMMU Measuring Meter (metric, urethane rollers)


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Measures in metric units, and runs on urethane rollers. Eraser’s WMM Series Measuring Meters are specifically designed to measure long lengths of wire, cable, flat cable and other flexible materials used in the electrical, electronic and associated industries. Units are available measuring in feet and inches or in meters and 1/10 meters and are self-adjusting for material diameter or width. A digital counter records the amount of material measured. In cases where the material to be measured has a hard, uneven, or slippery outside jacket, the WMIU or the WMMU, with urethane rollers, or the WMIG and WMMG with grit rollers, may provide better accuracy.


ScaleMetric reading in 1/10 meters to 9 999.9 meters
Roller TypeUrethane Rollers
Measure Rateup to 1000' (305M) per minute
Material SizeFlexible material from 1/64” (0.40mm) to 2” (50.8mmø) diameter or width
AccuracyNormally ± .5% depending on material and feed

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