Update On Current Company Operations

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From: Marcus BeVard – CEO The Eraser Company, Inc.
Subject: Update On Current Company Operations

Dear Valued Customer,

I am very excited to announce that The Eraser Company, Inc. will be resuming company operations effective Monday June 1st, 2020. While we have a substantial number of new safety protocols and directives to put into place across our entire operation, we are optimistic that we will be able to implement them in a short amount of time. This will enable us to return to our standard operations as soon as practical. We are also very aware however, that we must accomplish reopening carefully in order to insure the continued safety of our employees and the general public at large. Serving you, our customer, is extremely important to us but we must do so while maintaining the highest levels of safety for everyone involved.

I would like to personally thank each and every one of you for all of your patience and support during this very challenging time. We look forward to gradually returning to “normal” within the context of these new protocols while continuing our passion of serving your needs. We will continue to keep you updated if there are any significant changes to our operating plans. Until then, we look forward to reconnecting with all of you and further strengthening our mutually beneficial business relationships.

Marcus BeVard – CEO

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