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From: Marcus BeVard – CEO The Eraser Company, Inc.
Subject: Update On Current Company Operations

Dear Valued Customer,

As promised, I would like to provide you with the latest update regarding the suspension of our company operations. Within the last several days, the governor of the State of New York has defined a plan for the gradual reopening of the state’s economy. This plan will be accomplished by region within the state and is based on standardized criteria which is designed to maintain the safety of both employees and customers. The governor has appointed local representatives to manage and monitor this process and has instructed them to measure a region’s readiness based this standardized criteria as established by the state. The Eraser Company, Inc. is in the “Central Region” of New York State which has been determined to be very close to being ready to safely reopen. While we have not yet determined a firm date for reopening, we are actively making plans to do so. It is our hope that that we will be allowed to reopen soon and are anxious to return our business to full operation as soon as practical. We continue to recognize, however, that the overriding priority in this case should continue to be the safety of both our employees and the general public at large.

We will of course continue to keep you apprised of our progress towards reopening and provide you with additional updates whenever they are warranted. Please continue to check this page for the latest regarding our status. We appreciate the understanding and support many of you have provided to us and we hope that all involved in your operations have remained healthy and safe during this crisis.

Marcus BeVard – CEO

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