The NEW WT200 Eraser Wire Twister Has Arrived!

Eraser’s new WT200 Automatic Bench Wire Twister can twist two or more wires up to 20 feet in length.  This durable twister is made for high production to achieve a repeatable number of twists per inch on a bundle of wire up to the equivalent of two 16awg insulated wires.  The WT200 has a reversible motor which enables it to twist or untwist in either direction with a variable speed control that can be adjusted to perform from 0 to 26 turns per second while the internal clamping mechanism gently and securely holds your wire.

  • Twist Length: Up to 20 feet
  • Twist Speed: Variable from 0 to 26 turns per second
  • Wire Size: Maxiumum bundle should not exceed equivalent of two 16 AWG insulated wires
  • Twist Direction: Twist or untwist in either direction
Visit WT200 operating manual and other twisting machines.
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