Achieve close up stripping with Eraser’s Model L2S Bench Wire Stripper: NOW 30% OFF for a Limited Time Only!

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The L2S Bench Wire Stripper from The Eraser Company uses a high-speed rotating insert to strip insulation from the surface of round magnet and enamel wire and is ideal for stripping electronic components such as bobbins, coils and torroids.  The L2S can strip up to 3.5″ on wire from 29-8 gauge. Inserts are available in three different styles depending on application.

Flat face inserts allow for stripping flush to the work piece, concave face inserts permit easy wire entry, and bullet nose inserts are used for stripping in confined areas.  L2S inserts are also reduced: Heavy duty and carbide grades are now 40% to 80% off for a limited time only! 

Contact your sales rep at (800)724-0594, send an email to, or visit to view the L2S Operating Manual or use our Insert Wizard to select the correct insert for your application.

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